Cued Speech 50th Anniversary Conference

Cued Speech 50th Anniversary Convention

Meet Cuers From All Over The World

Meet. Network. Become leaders. Reunite.
Impact your community. Change the world.

You’ve seen Cued Speech’s effect on yourself, your students, and your families. Here’s your chance to cue it forward.

With world-class researchers, deaf role models, and international cuers, the Cued Speech 50th Anniversary Conference takes Cued Speech to the next level.

Hosted by the National Cued Speech Association, the conference offers an international symposium of cuers; a 5 hour cue-transliterated Washington DC tour starting at 9:30 am on Thursday; children’s and teens’ programs; and presentations on education, advocacy, and support for fellow cuers. We’ll finish off the weekend with a stunning cocktail gala reception, aka ‘Cue Ball’.

Come join us to celebrate 50 years of Cued Speech.

July 8-10th
Westin Tyson Corner Hotel
Falls Church, Virginia